• A Blaze of Spoilage Illos.

    I had the opportunity to work on a fun editorial illustration for the Willamette Week. The article was written by Matthew Singer, a Los Angeles Lakers fan that lives here in Portland, Oregon. 

    Here are some quotes from the article followed by the concept thumbnail sketches I sent over to the AD.

    I’ve seen how you react when the Blazers beat L.A. in, like, mid-November. It’s like Christmas morning and you all simultaneously unwrapped the same shiny new bike—or, since this is Portland, a recumbent unicycle or some shit.”

    image"The Blazers are a David that exists to define itself against Goliath."

    image"Plenty of other bottom-feeders would love to be in a position to take out the Great Purple-and-Gold Satan."


    We decided to go with the image of the Great Purple-and Gold Satan.


    I’m a huge Blazer fan and had a blast working on this one.

    You can read the full article here: A Blaze of Spoilage

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